The Paleo Café

Coming soon to a tube near you!

The Paleo Café is a television series currently in production, with each each episode featuring one or more guest interviews plus a cooking segment.
Themes will range along a spectrum of everything paleo-related, such as:

shades of paleo nutrition movement autoimmunity
physical culture shopping biodiversity camaraderie
hominid history science dining out government policy
sustainability travel activism ethical omnivorism
medical application athletes concepts other lifestyles

Grokstars already on film include Mark Sisson, Tracy & Bryan Barksdale, Nora Gedgaudas, Paul Jaminet, Terry Wahls, Darryl Edwards, Beverly Meyer, Jimmy Moore, Sarah Fragoso, Steve CookseyCharles & Julie Mayfield, Greg Parham, John Dorian Ruder, the hilarious paleo comedy of Dan French, and many more, and more to come.
If you want to see & hear someone or something, let us know!
Paleo, aka Caveman, Hunter-Gatherer, Ancestral, etc., unlike the multitude of “diets” on the market, isn’t the brainchild of a single guru marketing it. Instead, it is a grassroots movement gaining ground on its shear common sense, many remarkable anecdotal success stories, and mounting scientific evidence. There’s no one way to go paleo; it’s not a one-size-fits-all lifestyle, and inherent in this revolution is empowerment & encouragement to learn, think, and decide for ourselves what works for us.
The purpose of this program is to entertainingly educate or educationally entertain, depending on perspective, such that experts and the masses may enjoy learning about healthful options when it comes to nutrition & lifestyle and our planet. The idea is to get the word out and spread it far & wide!

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